In the marine tanker industry, two inspection regimes are predominant SIRE and CDI. SIRE inspections are commissioned by oil companies that are members of the OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum). Reports of SIRE inspections are maintained on the OCIMF database for members to access, providing them up to date inspection status of the vessel.

The CDI (Chemical Distribution Institute) is an inspection regime specially designed for chemical and gas tankers. The completed CDI report provides a score for the inspected vessel. A higher score indicates a vessel compliant with industry standards. SM Marine Services has operations all over the Europe. A team of dedicated and highly experienced consultants, all of whom are experienced Master Mariners or First Class Engineers (Chief Engineers) are ready to attend the vessel with inspection at short notice.

Our consultants are kept up to date with the latest industry requirements through a continuous information dissemination process, regular refresher courses and periodic audits of their inspection procedures. We are able to provide a vetting service tailored to meet our Clients specific needs. With a totally transparent billing process, our clients are always aware of the costs. SM Marine Services is dedicated to providing a quality service that is based on objectivity, fairness and honesty, and on which our reputation can stand.

SM Marine Services carry out inspections of dry bulk & container vessels on behalf of the different Flag States. Our Consultants all of whom are experienced Master Mariners or First Class Engineers (Chief Engineers) are ready to attend the vessel with inspection at short notice. SM Marine Services also offering to our Clients RightShip pre vetting inspection. RightShip is owned by BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto Shipping and Cargill Ocean Transport manages risk for clients engaged in marine shipping. The inspection assesses structural issues, maintenance, operation, safety, navigation and management of the vessel based on RightShips requirements for their vetting process and on safety management systems and industry best practices.

MS Marine Services performs a variety of ship and cargo surveys for a wide base of clients including:

  • Underwriters
  • Marine Law Firms
  • Ship Operators
  • Incident / accident investigations

With our highly experienced personnel, who served for many years on chemical/oil tankers, we provide to the chemical industry and to chemical tanker Charterers a vital service of cargo superintendence. This service includes inspections of chemical tankers to assess condition, onboard safety and environmental management and suitability to load hazardous chemical cargoes. We provide advice on technical issues related to the safe carriage of chemicals, including tank cleaning & wall wash specifications. We also attend for pre-loading surveys to ensure cargo tanks and cargo pumping systems are clean and that the vessel is ready to load the cargo and we remain onboard throughout the operation to ensure that the cargo is loaded/discharge safely in-accordance with regulations and industry best practices thereby looking after our clients best interests.

SM marine Services provides a specialist surveying service for project cargoes, heavy lifts and high value shipments to cargo underwriters and project cargo risk managers.The service covers a review of packing before shipment, inland transport to and from the manufacturers premises, suitability of road transport, barges and ocean vessels to ensure risk free and safe transportation, review of ship stability data, loading and unloading of cargoes on to ocean vessels and securing of cargo items.Throughout the process we assess risk and compliance with underwriters insurance warranties.

With ocean going vessel trading into ports around the world, there are some occasions requiring local assistance, P&I Clubs and Marine Underwriters find it necessary to have a network of representatives or Correspondents to assist their members when problems are encountered.

Various Maritime Administrations has authorised SM Marine Services as an independent contractor to arrange and provide services as an authorised representative and surveyor (ARS) to monitor and oversee the work of the RO (Recognized Organisation) and to conduct Annual Safety Inspections.

It is essential that training to seafarer and shore staff is given periodically to ensure latest knowledge is gained in all aspects of shipping industry. SM Marine Services carry out Safety Training, which is specifically developed to enhance safety standards, quality of onboard maintenance and environmental awareness.

Training focuses on the following:

  • SOLAS & MARPOL requirements
  • IMOs International Safety Management Code for Safe Operation of Ships and pollution
  • prevention
  • Industry practice
  • Oil major requirements
  • Chemical Distribution Institute requirements
  • As part of its consultancy package SM Marine Services offers Quality Assurance services, with a particular emphasis on IMOs ISM and ISPS code. Our consultants are trained and certified lead auditors, and we have assisted ship owners, transport-related companies and ship manning agencies to achieve ISO/ISM/ISPS accreditation. This involves, inter alia, the compilation of QA system documentation including Ship Security Manual, SOPEP, SMPEP, Cargo securing manual etc, the training of shore-based office staff as well as shipboard staff, and the planning of appropriate internal audits.

    We have a dedicated staff of consultants who are accredited by National Administrations for inspecting oil, chemical and gas tankers. The consultants are all experienced master mariners and marine engineers. Among them, we also have a staff for the inspection of bulk carriers. Our staffs also provides safety training to terminal staff from time to time as requested by terminals. Currently we are providing safety training to VOPAK terminals in Singapore.

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SM Marine Services continually strive to improve services to suit our Clients individual requirements. SM Marine Service's comprehensive range of activities can be summarised as follows:


SM Marine Services policy is to establish and maintain a Quality system in order to provide customers with the highest level of Marine Consultancy and Surveying Services with mutually acceptable requirements. In order to achieve this we will primarily aim to achieve customer satisfaction by preventing non-conformity. Provide services that satisfy customer and applicable to regulatory requirements. Constantly improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.

Facilitate communications at all times. SM Marine Services is committed to providing its customers with quality, factual and impartial reports and services that continually meet or exceed customer expectations.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy 

The Organisation is committed to the safe and environmentally vigilant operation through a proactive management system. The Company has developed and implemented the SM Marine Services Management Manual which has following objectives:

  • Promoting and ensuring safety and prevention of human injury , illness or death;
  • Damage to the environment and any kind of  property.
  • Enhancing of customer satisfaction by determining & meeting their requirements.
  • The Company objectives and targets are directed where possible, to the reduction of identified environmental impacts on the atmosphere and marine environment due to its activities. The Company recognizes the importance of addressing environmental issues into day-to-day business decisions and activities.

to achieve the above objectives, the SM Marine Services will:

  • Operate, manage and maintain the Company as per statutory, regulatory and customer requirements.
  • Prevent any kind of pollution, and protect the environment by reducing waste and minimizing the consumption of resources.
  • Use sound and internationally accepted business ethics and principles.
  • Employ duly qualified personnel with required certification for the task in accordance with Industry and Customers requirements.
  • Provide for safe practices in Consultancy, surveying and establish safeguards against all identified risks by adequate risk assessment & contingency planning related to safety and environmental protection.
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment to ensure welfare of the staff.
  • Comply with the relevant national and international rules and regulations and take into account the applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the relevant industry organizations. Comply with applicable legal requirements related to the Company's  operational environmental aspects.
  • Continuously improve safety, quality, occupational health & safety and environmental performance and management skills of personnel, through a system of audits, analysis and feedback.
  • The policy will be made available to all interested parties upon request.